privacy policy


Welcome to our platform. Before you proceed, we wish to clarify why we need specific pieces of your information and how we use it.

1. Purpose of Information Collection

Our platform requests your name, email, phone number, and city location. This information serves a critical role in helping us understand where our users are located. The gathered data allows our affiliated improv comedians to plan live shows effectively and communicate these events to the right audience.

2. Free Usage of Our Platform

This platform operates free of charge, and its revenue model is driven by ticket sales for live shows. By providing your information and participating in events, you support the comedians affiliated with our platform.

3. Data Protection and Third-Party Non-Disclosure

We respect and prioritize user privacy. Rest assured, your data will not be sold to third-party entities. The data collected is solely for the operational and communication purposes of this platform.

4. User Consent

By submitting your information, you agree to these terms and conditions, permitting us to use your information for updating you about future shows. Remember, you retain the right to unsubscribe from our notifications or delete your account at any point.

We appreciate your trust and pledge to handle your data responsibly. Thank you for joining our platform and supporting the improv comedy community.